Pěnčín Excursion Area - Goat Farm

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mailPencin (Jablonec nad Nisou)

Pěnčín 60, Pěnčín, 468 21

Phone:+420 483 368 468
+420 483 368 430
The premises include a glass bead production plant, goat farm, restaurant as well as the possibility to take a ride in a sightseeing train.

The Pěnčín Excursion Area offers many interesting things to see for children and adults alike. Visitors to the area may take a tour of glass bead production area, visit a goat farm, take a ride in a sightseeing train to the nearby Černá Studnice lookout tower, savour specialities cooked from goat cheese or meat in the local restaurant, or purchase glass beads, jewellery or various types of goat cheese and other products made from goat milk.

Glass bead cutting works
During their tour of the glass bead cutting works, visitors may see the complete process of glass beads production. They can also buy beads or finished jewels.

Goat farm & cheese factory
During their tour of the goat farm, visitors will be informed about the breeds kept at the farm and about cheese making technology. It is also possible to watch a video. There is a selection of about 13 kinds of fresh goat cheese available and visitors may buy them as well.

Scenic sightseeing train.
The scenic sightseeing train offers the possibility to enjoy the beauties of the nature and sights in a slightly different manner.The scenic sightseeing train consists of a locomotive and carriages connected to it, which are open, but fitted with a roof made of waterproof tarpaulin. Each small carriage is equipped with its own interior lights and speaker system controlled from the driver's place, so passengers can be provided with proper commentary during the journey.

The route of the train: PĚNČÍN - KRÁSNÁ - ČERNÁ STUDNICE (lookout tower) and back.

The glass bead cutting works and the goat farm are open all year round; the scenic sightseeing train operates from May to September.

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