mailLomnice nad Popelkou

Lomnice nad Popelkou, 512 51

Phone:+420 481 629 020
This magnificent tree stand was built for the holder of the Lomnice estate, the Lord of Rohan.

The tower was built in 1862 by builder Pruvot in the neo-Gothic style. It was named after Allain, the Prince of Rohan, who died tragically during a horse race. In his memory, Allain’s Cross was also erected on the slope of Tábor Hill.

The tower has an octagonal ground plan with windows opening to the east and the west and doors facing the south and the north. The elevation of the tower is 540 metres above sea.

Just a few steps from the tower you can find a strong water spring that is monitored by the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute.

The tower is accessible all year round. Enter at your own risk.


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