Hejnice, 463 62

The top of Mount Holubník with a lookout rock provides superb panoramic views of the surrounding Jizerské Hory.

The robust rock block is located on the flat top of Mount Holubník (elevation 1070 m above sea level). The dominant feature of the Hejnický Hřeben provides nearly circular vistas. To the north, there is a wonderful view of the Frýdlant region while to the south you can see a part of the Jizerské Hory and Bedřichov Lake. On the horizon you may identify the ridge of Ještěd. The name (Holubník, Dove-Cot) originates from from an ancient geodetic survey device whose shape resembled a dove-cot.

Locality: 5 km to the south of Hejnice.

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