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Náměstí 3. května 37, Železný Brod, 468 22

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The City Museum has two permanent expositions. The glass-making exposition is located in the building of the savings bank on 3. května Square and presents the development of the glass-making industry in Železný Brod. The ethnographic exposition is located in the biggest timbered construction in Železný Brod, dating back to 1807 and called Běliště.

The beginnings of the Museum date back to the 1960s when it was established to gather guild-related memorabilia and other objects of mostly craft-specific origin. Since 1936, the Museum has had its seat in "Klemencovska" building. It is an original timbered patrician house dating back to 1792, the frontage of which was architectonically incorporated into the newly constructed building of the municipal savings bank.

The Museum of Trades was gradually extended to the National History Museum, and in 1968 it specialised in the national history of the area of the Horní Pojizeří Region. In 1998, the national history collections were moved to the newly created exposition in Běliště. A glass-making history exposition was created on the square.

The glass-making history exposition is located on 3. května Square, in the building called Klemencovsko. It focuses on the development of the glass-making industry in Železný Brod since the 1960s, when the most intensive penetration of glass production from the Jablonec Region to the Region of Železný Brod came about. In the gallery of eminent personages of the glass-making school, there are presented the most typical works by individual artists who contributed as teachers to the education and craftsmanship of the young generation. The exhibition hall of Libenský and Brychová make an impressive closing part of the glass-making history exposition. Here, both world famous glass artists present an overview of their joint creative work.

The national history exposition is located in the biggest timbered house called Běliště. Each of the nine exhibition rooms focuses on a specific area of the history of Železný Brod and its immediate surroundings. The exhibits on display include an old classroom, guild-related objects, cobbler's workshop, bakery and gingerbread-maker's workshop, fax processing, a room of a private weaver, pieces of clothing dating back to the 19th century, printer's forms, vernacular furniture, and wooden carved cribs and models of the patrician houses that used to stand on the square of Železný Brod exhibited in the attic spaces.

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