Museum Railway between Česká Kamenice and Kamenický Šenov

Technical Monuments: Sites associated with railways

Kamenicky Senov

Kamenický Šenov, 471 14

The 4.5 km long historic railway between Česká Kamenice and Kamenický Šenov is one of the attractive destinations in the region.

The railway structure was built by České Severní Dráhy Company in 1886. The railway connection was terminated in 1979 and its part has been maintained as a museum railway with a regular operation (railway No. 901).

During summer holidays, holiday rides take place, and there are some other rides at special occasions, such as on New Year, Easter, New Year's Eve, etc.

The passenger trains are pulled by a historic motor vehicle nicknamed Hurvínek. The railway station in Kamenický Šenov opens a small railway exhibition and sells souvenirs.

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