Horologe - Kryštofovo Údolí

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Krystofovo Udoli

Kryštofovo Údolí, 460 01

The third horologe in the Czech Republic, after Prague and Olomouc, was installed in the village of Kryštofovo Údolí.

The idea of a horologe in the village and the implementation of the project comes from Mr. Martin Chaloupka, a local, who has merit in foundation of the museum of nativity scenes in the village and in installation of a wooden carved exterior nativity scene created by Josef Jíra, a renowned artist. The museum is located nearly opposite the horologe.

There is a unique sun clock with a personal portrait of Václav Plechatý, the carver, who created the figures for the horologe - 21 wooden sculptures carved from linden that are between 65 and 70 centimetres tall. Out of them, 19 are moving, the remaining two, - Saint Barbara and Saint Christopher, the patron saint of the village, with a little Jesus in his hands -are static. The dominating figure is the moving night watch with a trumpet.

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