Technical Monuments: Sites associated with railways


Sychrov, 463 44

The attractive technical monument is located near the Sychrov Chateau.

It was built between 1857 and 1859 as a part of the railway between Pardubice and Liberec (north-south railway). The bridge near Sychrov is located in the former cadaster of Radostín and Radimovice. Its eight arches, pitch 9.5 m, are stretched over the valley of Mohelka, elevated 32 metres.

The uniqueness of this special transport structure is based on the fact that six out of the eight arches are in two lines.Such layout is not common at all. The 11 metre-wide viaduct is used as a railway transfer point over the valley and for the last point switch of the railway station in Sychrov.

The structure is an excellent example of a landscape-sensitive and impressive solution for a stone railway construction.

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