Kristiánov Glass-Making Museum


Osada Kristiánov, Bedřichov, 468 12

GSM:+420 483 369 011
In 1964, a museum was opened in the former glass‑maker`s cottage as a commemoration of the biggest glassworks, which was established in Kristiánov in 1775.

In the middle of the 1770s, J. L. Riedel, conducting business in the glass-making field, had glassworks built in Kristiánov in the Jizerské hory. A settlement gradually grew around it, comprising of the manor, several houses of glass-makers and also a chapel, cemetery and school. To date, only Liščí bouda has remained preserved in Kristiánov, serving as the seat for the Glass-Making Museum in the Jizerské hory today.

The exposition describes the development of the glassworks in the Jizerské hory, fauna and flora of the mountains, also including models of the original settlement and the Kristiánov Glassworks that were destroyed by fire. The Museum is one of the expositions of the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.

Location: 7 km to the north of Bedřichov v Jizerských horách, at the crossroads of tourist routes No. 0313, M 1642

Since 1990, Kristiánov has been coming alive every first Saturday in September due to the glass-making fair held on the occasion of the pilgrimage for Our Lady.

27.8.2022 10:00 - 17:00

Creative Saturdays at Kristánovo

Spice up your trip in the Jizera Mountains by visiting the creative workshops in the Fox Lodge in Kristiánov! Together with the lecturers, you can try your hand at making various glass and jewellery items on selected Saturdays.
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