Museum of the Podještědí Region in Český Dub

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In 1919, a group of enthusiasts established the Podještědské Museum of Karolína Světlá in Český Dub. In the course of time, the Museum has accumulated large ethnographic and historical collections, including the voluminous literary legacy bequeathed by the writer Karolína Světlá.

The Podještědské Museum has had its seat in Blaschke's Villa since 1945. The renowned North Bohemian entrepreneur in the textile industry, Franz Schmitt, had this Neo-Renaissance building built for his daughter and her husband, Konrad Blaschke, in 1881.

1. The Podještědí Region in the Times of the National Revival Era and Karolína Světlá
- in this exposition we may visit Karolína Světlá's flat and have a look at her study room with the original furniture, bookcase and writing desk. The next part of the exposition commemorates Bedřich Smetana, who used to stay in Český Dub with his mother and whose Hubička opera takes place in the Podještědí Region.

2. The Gothic stencil in Bohemia - this exposition presents the collection of Gothic and Gothicizing furniture in North Bohemia.

3. Knights of Malta's Commandery of St. Zdislava and Havel of Lemberk - for a long time, the buildings of the monastery in Český Dub had been considered disappeared without a trace in the course of the Hussite wars. The historical research carried out in 1991 however led to the rediscovery of the original monastery premises, which were then made accessible to the general public.

4. The study of the Czech painter, Petr Dillinger - in the Museum you may also visit the study of Petr Dillinger, native of Český Dub.

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