Museum and Gallery of National History and Geography in Česká Lípa

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mailCeska Lipa

nám. Osvobození 297, Česká Lípa, 470 34

Phone:+420 487 824 145
The Česká Lípa Museum is located in the complex of the buildings of the former Augustinian Monastery in the centre of the town.

The history of the Museum is rich, because as early as in 1900 those who were professionally engaged in the local national history movement established the Česká Lípa Museum Association to administer their collections. After 1945, the Museum also took over collections from some towns in the surroundings. In 1969-76, the collections were opened to the general public in a reconstructed Augustinian monastery.

Permanent expositions
The main building:

1. Regional exposition The nature of the Česká Lípa Region
2. Regional exposition The history of the Česká Lípa Region until 1945
3. Ancient Egypt and the Česká Lípa Region
4. Animals from all over the world
5 The world of insects and arachnids
6. Geology and mineralogy
7 Blacksmith's shop exposition
8. The world of seas and oceans

Museum branches:
1. Bredov Summer Residence on Lemberk
2. Village Mayor's House in Víska, Kravaře
3. Karel Hynek Mácha Memorial, Doksy

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