Castles and Castle Ruins: Castle Ruins


Příhrazy, Příhrazy, 294 11

The torso of the former tower is found 4 km to the south from Žďár.

The only preserved part of the original - not very large - rock fort from the 13th century is the room with a central column to which a several metres long corridor carved in the rock is directed. In the 17th century the fort was used as a chapel by victimized Czech Brethren, who needed a refuge. Later the locality was mentioned as the Hynšta Cave and this name has been used in various sources. Neither the founder nor later owners are known, and the place is not mentioned in historical sources.

You can access the place from the path deviated from the blue trail - from the Drábské Světničky via the Obětní Kámen to Smrkovec and Zásadka near Valečov. Another option is the red trail from Příhrazy to Kost Castle.

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