Castles and Castle Ruins: Castle Ruins

At the beginning of the 14th century, the noble family of Vartemberk ordered the building of a castle on the cone-like hill near Nová Paka, it was originally called Goldenberk or Kolmburk, today`s Kumburk.

Because of massive renovation work, we do not know much about the original look of the castle. At the northeastern side, there are remnants of probably a walled fortification that may have been developed along the whole core structure. The fortification to protect against cannon attack is one of the best examples of the efforts made in the mid 15th century to protect places in an active way. From 1621 Kumburk was in the possession of Albrecht of Valdštejn. After his death, the castle changed hands several times and then, after 1658, Kumburk was nearly destroyed. In spite of that, nowadays it belongs among our most interesting castles.

Interesting note:
The plaque installed at the site mentions a visit of Karel Hynek Mácha at the castle.

Access: The shortest way is from the railway station in Syřenov, along the yellow trail (3km). Other alternatives are Nová Paka and Stará Paka (4km) or the popular red tourist trail from Ploužnice (7km). If you set out by car from Jičín,go towards Lomnice, and after Valdice, near the village of Těšín, turn to Soběraz, to the forests of Bradlec via Kumburský Újezd to the restaurant named Na Klepandě.

The castle is open for a free tour. You can book a guide in advance.

Locality: 5 km to the west from Nová Paka

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