Ruin of Starý Falkenburk Castle

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Jablonne v Podjestedi

Jablonné v Podještědí, 471 25

The castle is first mentioned in 1390. It was built to protect the Záhvozd pathway.

There was an attempt to conquer the castle at the end of the Hussite wars (which was not successful). Not long after, it was damaged by fire and in 1454 it is mentioned as destroyed. There used to be a ditch and ramparts with a narrow defence wall at the side of the hill. The remnants of the castle are well visible, for example the relics of the gate and the palace, the oval pit -obviously the former tower - and a part of the peripheral wall.

Locality: on top of Sokol Hill in the Lužické Hory, about 6 km to the north from Jablonné v Podještědí.

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