Dean`s Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross, Frýdlant

Sacrial Monuments: Church


Děkanská 85, Frýdlant, 464 01

Phone:+420 482 312 202
GSM:+420 604 959 823
The Church of the Holy Cross was built by Italian architects on the foundations of the older Chapel of St. Catherine.

The building was completed in 1551. Due to several reconstructions, the church is a blend of many different styles. The best-known and most valuable part of the interior is the monumental sepulchral chapel with the tomb of the Redern family from 1566, which is one of the loveliest Renaissance monuments in Bohemia.

There is a number of protected buildings near the church. These include Renaissance and Baroque tombs, a Marian pillar, iron cross on a granite pedestal, a statue of St. Helen and the building of the presbytery.

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