Church of St. Václav, Paseky nad Jizerou

Sacrial Monuments: Church

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The church was built in 1787 - 1789 in a place where there was originally a deep wood and tall rocks.

This is a Baroque, single-nave building with a segmented presbytery, sacristy on the northern side, typical prism-shaped tower covered with shingles and topped with a cupola over the western face. It has remained virtually unchanged since it was built.

The interior is uniform Rococo style from the late 18th century. The main altar, two side altars and pulpit were brought from the closed church in Stará Boleslav. The painting of St. Václav on the main altar was created by the painter Bartůněk in 1886. The area in front of the church is occupied by a cross from 1811 and two memorial linden trees planted in 1881.

Behind the sacristy one can find the tomb of Raimund Kaspar, the first priest of Paseky. The southern side is adjoined by a cemetery with a remarkable stone wall, precious central Baroque cross and a lovely view of the ridges of the western Krkonoše Mountains.

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