Church of St. Lawrence. Jilemnice

Sacrial Monuments: Church


Jilemnice, 514 01

St. Lawrence`s Church is a building of the High Baroque style built in 1729 - 1736.

It was built according to a design by J. J. Aichbauer. Unfortunately, it lost the typically Baroque feathery shape in the town fire of 1838. Then, the nave was quickly covered with an ordinary gable roof; the tower received a tent roof. The external decorations were made by engraver and sculptor called Jan Sucharda, amidst whose descendants we find also Cyril Bouda. Above the altar we can see the painting of the Torture of St. Lawrence by Dominik Kiderman; we should also mention the statue of the Madonna from the early 15th century and tin font below the pulpit from 1545. The temple boasts exceptional acoustics enhancing the sound of the Baroque organ from 1788. The church is surrounded by statues of St. Václav, St. Barbara and St. John of Nepomuk. The church also has an Empire-style presbytery.

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