Benecko is located in the western part of Krkonoše, on western slopes of the Žalý massif. It is a relatively large village, extending up to the Jizerka stream.

Benecko lies on rather steep slopes, the lowest elevation in Dolní Štěpanice is 433m while the highest top of rear Žalý reaches 1,036m. In the past the locals mainly lived by woodcutting or farming. Later iron ore mines were opened in Hamerský vrch and a gold mine was opened in Zákoutí.

The location went down in the history of skiing. In 1892 the first beech skis were made in the timber mill in Dolní Štěpanice. Benecko is an ideal place for holidays and excursions all the year round. In winter skiers will find excellent conditions both for cross-country and downhill skiing. You may also admire various elements of preserved local rural architecture in the village.

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