Hrubá Skála

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Doubravice 37, Turnov, 511 01

Phone:+420 481 389 527
Hrubá Skála is located close to Turnov, in the picturesque landscape of Český ráj. It is only 1km away from the turning of the road between Turnov and Jičín, it is easy to reach by train and by bus.

Hrubá skála lies on the so-called Zlatá stezka Českého ráje. There are good conditions for hiking and cycle touring in the environs of the village. From Hrubá Skála you will get to all tourist points in the surroundings, such as the Trosky and Kost Castles, Turnov, Kozákov, Prachovské and Klokočské skály and other natural and cultural monuments.

Near the village on a wooded rock plateau, there is the Renaissance Castle of Hrubá Skála, built in the place of a former gothic castle in the 16th century. A nature trail starts at the castle and leads to the rock lookout of Hlavatice nad Turnovem. In winter there are good conditions for cross-country skiing; downhill skiers may go to Krkonoše or to the nearby downhill slope on Kozákov.

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