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Český Dub, 463 43

Phone:+420 485 147 051
Český Dub is located around 20km south of Liberec, below Ještědský hřbet. It ranks among the oldest settlements in northern Bohemia; its was founded in the Romanesque period.

At the beginning of the 12th century a market village was founded at the merchant road above the brook of Ještědka which was named after a lone oak tree ("dub"). Already in 1260 Dub was awarded municipal rights. From the 13th century it belonged to the Order of St. John. The Order built a fortified commendam, nowadays an important historical monument. The commendam was once visited by King Charles IV.

The rich history of the town and its surroundings is documented in expositions of the Podještědské Museum. The centre of present Dub is a historical town reserve.

There are good conditions for recreation in the surroundings of the town. There are many hiking trails and cycle tracks leading from Český Dub to Ještědský hřbet and to places that are characteristic in terms of their rural nature. A well-known basalt vein called Čertova zeď is situated near Český Dub.

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