Jičín’s volcanoes – Čeřovka, Veliš and Zebín

Jičín square – crossroads below Čeřovka 1.3 km (150 m unmarked trail to the top) – Zebínský dvůr crossroads 4.2 km (300 m unmarked trail to the top) – Valdstejn Loggia 5.2 km (Libosad park not marked) – Jičín square 7.6 km

Head out of Jičín following the blue markers towards Čeřovka. A stone viewing tower (open to the public) was built at the top of the hill in 1843, and looms above the wall of the basalt quarry. It offers views of Jičín and the Veliš ridge, formerly the site of a mighty castle, which was torn down after the Thirty Years' War. The masonry was dismantled and the quality basalt extracted. The peak was saved as it was an important geodetic point, on which a brick observation tower was built in 1942.

Leave Čeřovka following the blue markers and at the church take the unmarked route up to Zebín hill, which, having formed in swampy land, created a huge cone of fragmented rock.

The summit offers a view in all directions – including of the ruined castles of Bradlec and Kumburk.

Walk back down from Zebín to the church and follow the red markers to the Valdstejn Loggia. When you walk through the park, known as the Libosad, along its longer side, you come to an unremarkable little hill of volcanic origin. On the edge of the park and open to the public is the Jewish cemetery (you need to borrow the key beforehand from the Jičín Information Centre). Return to the town down the alley comprising four rows of lime trees.

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