Malá Skála region

Malá Skála station – Drábovna 2.1 km – Frýdštejn 5.6 km – Vranov-Pantheon Zahrádka viewpoint 7.5 km – Malá Skála station 9.2 km

Head out of Malá Skála following the blue markers towards Drábovna. Go through the wood and you come to Záborčí – a narrow strip of meadow with buildings on a slight slope. There are springs in the places where the sandstone blocks of Drábovna rest on impermeable clay. Above the road go back into the wood, where you can see the first blocks of the sandstone rock town. When you come to the Bohemian Paradise Golden Trail, marked red, take a short detour to the remains of the Drábovna little rock castle. However, nothing remains of this other than a few niches cut into the stone for beams.

The next stop on the route is the ruins of Frýdštejn castle. This castle stands on rocks, the layers of which are steeply inclined as they lie between two geological breaks. As you come down along the ridge to Pantheon, you can also see these layers slightly overtipped. Here there are also the remains of the largest rock castle in Bohemia – Vranov. From the Zahrádka viewpoint above the Jizera you can see the connected ridge of Suché skály (rocks). They owe their appearance to the pressures that hardened the sandstone, twisted it around and also broke it up to form the individual rock towers.

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