To Hrubá Skála region


Turnov, railway station – Hlavatice 1.4 km – Valdštejn 2.9 km – Hrubá Skála 6.5 km – Mariánská vyhlídka viewpoint 7.5 km – Josefův pramen spring 8.5 km – Valdštejn 10.9 km, Turnov, railway station 13.6 km

We recommend starting in Turnov when taking a trip to the Hrubá Skála rock town. From the Turnov-město train station follow the red markers to Hlavatice – a rock which serves as a viewpoint and for more than 100 years has been accessible via an iron staircase. From there, continue towards Valdštejn castle. You will pass numerous sinkholes along the way. The water washes the sand of the cracks between the rocks, forming funnel shapes. The revealed rocks can be seen in these as you walk along.

Valdštejn was the castle owned by the family of the prominent early 17th century military commander Albrecht von Wallenstein. The castle was abandoned in the 18th century and was converted into a hermitage. In the 19th century the Hrubá Skála estate was purchased by the Aehrenthal family, who had the castle modified and even back then began to charge admission.

Continue along the red Golden Trail past the viewpoints to the rock town and the arboretum to the chateau at Hrubá Skála. Go down through the Mouse Hole and turn left following the blue markers, go past Adamovo lože (Adam’s Bed) until you get to the crossroads. Then follow the yellow markers to Mariánská vyhlídka viewpoint and down to the Podháj guesthouse. Here, you can see a series of spa springs. The water flows under the rocks on clayey subsoil, which not only form springs but also causes subsidence in the slopes.

You can continue following the blue markers marked as the Anger Trail, which leads through passages between the rocks and up and down a lot of steps past the Janova vyhlídka viewpoint to arrive back in front of Valdštejn. From there, follow the green markers back the where you started.

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