From Železnice to Nová Paka

Železnice, railway station – Bradlecká Lhota 4.5 km – Bradlec 6.5 km – Kumburk 9.6 km – Nová Paka 13.5 km

This trip starts in Železnice. The town is named after the iron ore that was mined on the hill above the railway station from ancient times. From there, follow the red and green markers to Bradlec. Along the way you can find fragments of agate stones and small pieces of the red garnets that have made this region so famous can be seen in the stream behind Bradlecká Lhota. From the ruined castle of Bradlec, built on a Tertiary volcano, you arrive at the ridge, on which the ancient coaching inn Na Klepandě stands. The route from Jičín to Jilemnice used to run through here.

From there, walk up to Kumburk. This ruin also stands on a volcano and you can see some hexagonal basalt columns. Follow the red markers back and continue on to Nová Paka. This town is famous for the numerous finds of petrified wood, a collection of which, including other beautiful stones from the area, can be seen in the local museum – Klenotnice drahých kamenů (Treasury of Precious Stones). The exhibitions in the Treasury present volcanic rocks and minerals, fossils and precious stones. The works of outsider art are a surprisingly interesting attraction.

Rarities include finds, some more than a hundred years old, from sites that are no longer accessible or have been mined out. Visitors can admire gigantic geodes from the Hvězda quarry, some unusually coloured agates from Kumburský Újezd, some large pieces of jasper from Kozákov and star quartz from Strážník hill.

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