Bozkov dolomite caves and Palackého Trail

Jesenný railway station – Bozkov, church 1.8 km – Bozkov dolomite caves 2.7 km – Návarov, ruin 8.6 km – Návarov railway station 9.8 km, or Plavy railway station 12.5 km

Bozkov dolomite caves are a must for a visit when on a trip around the geopark. They are exceptional in many respects and can also be visited in winter. The caves contain the biggest underground lake in Bohemia. They were formed in dolomite, which is far less soluble than limestone.

From the railway station in Jesenný follow the river downstream for a short way and then cross the footbridge following the green markers. After taking you uphill these will lead you to the Information Centre, where during the season you can borrow the key to the church tower, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. From there, head for the caves. We recommend booking in advance, as it tends to be busy in the season. After touring the caves, follow the blue markers down to the Palackého Trail, marked in red, and follow it along the Kamenice upstream. You pass a site with former paper mills, built where an iron foundry stood back at the beginning of the second half of the 19th century. The trail continues through Návarov to Plavy. Although you are leaving the Bohemian Paradise Geopark and the tourist region at this point, the trail really is worth a visit. Or, after visiting the ruins of Návarov you can return to the bridge across the Kamenice and then take a train from the Návarov stop.

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