On the trail of springs

Borek pod Troskami railway station – Vidlák 2.5 km – Věžák pond 5 km – Pleskotský mill 7 km – Vysoké Kolo mill 10 km – Krčkovice 14 km

Besides the aforementioned Sedmihorky springs near Hrubá Skála, you can also take a trip to see the springs in the valleys below Trosky. From the Borek pod Troskami railways station go past the Rokytňák and Hrudka ponds, after which you can find the first spring (the waterworks). After the restaurant at Vidlák continue following the yellow markers until you get to another overflow of water from the local waterworks. The trail carries on along the edge of the wood below the rocks. Just before the former pond dam there is another spring flowing below the path. Continue to Věžický rybník (pond). Along the way you will pass the Jordánka spring, which overflows slightly, and a short way from where the trail opens out onto the road there is another spring – Prdlavka.

Keep following the yellow markers, which take you along the road as far as Pleskotský mlýn (mill). There, at the crossroads, you can turn right to take a short detour to Baker's Gate, an opening bored in a rock tower through which the road leads. Seasonal cycle buses stop at this crossroads. You can continue on along the Žehrovka river. On the right of the path, where it bends in front of the Vysoké Kolo mill, there is the falsework of a now congested borehole, which used to spout hot sulphurous water.

On the left flows the stream from the largest spring in this valley. From the crossroads just after the mill follow the blue markers to Kacanovy, where you can catch a cycle bus or walk along the road to Turnov.

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