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The Frýdlant city council is currently developing activities leading to a renovation and a complete reconstruction of the Calvary. However, wee can already recommend it as an enjoyable afternoon walk.

Something from the history of the Calvary:

The Calvary was build at a request of the then Frýdlant dean, Master of Philosophy, Johann Friedrich Leubner. The land suitable for construction of the Calvary was given to people by Clam-Gallas family.

The Frydlant residents themselves helped with the construction. The construction was finished in 1737. Seven years later, the top cross with a picture of the Holy Trinity was consecrated by Josef Lichtner. All 14 crosses were provided by Ignaz Arnold.

The Calvary today

The Calvary hill, where the Calvary is located is also a small natural protected area. Among others, you can find here for example the much endangered Martagon lily. The area of the reservation is counting 10.5 ha in altitude of 320-381m above the sea level. The reservation was declared in 1996. The Calvary is represented by 14 crosses – the stopping, the rock cave of apostles Peter and John, Holy grave, the top cross and the spring.

In the past, the on-metal-painted pictures that depictured biblical scenes were unfortunately destroyed. That is why we have today just a granite torso often lined with two linden trees. The whole location is fairly forested, that is why (especially in summer) the direction of the original Calvary is not always visible.
As mentioned above, the Frýdlant city council would love to restore the Calvary’s original function and appearance. However, it is a “long-distance run”, so it is going to take some time before the Frýdlant residents can happily sit under a linden tree and enjoy the beauty and charm of nature.

The best way is to go from the church of Christ the Saviour up the slight hill and cross the bridge of the railway viaduct. Then at the crossroad turn left, follow a small footpath, which will take you to the very beginning of the Calvary.

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