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The Bohemian Paradise Geopark is designated as the territory with a wide variety of geological and geomorphological phenomena; paleontological, archeological and mineralogical sites that provides a notion of the Earth evolution. Three geologically dissimilar territories meet here; and that is why the diversity of inanimate and living nature is that exceptional.The landscape is distinguished by its high concentration of natural and historical monuments while also demonstrating the influence and importance of natural conditions on the economic and cultural development of society. The territory of the Geopark has repeatedly been a seabed and a lakebed over the hundreds of millions years with a volcanic activity on several occasions. All this has resulted in a landscape of wild rocks, volcanoes, karst phenomena, rivers, romantic valleys, forests, meadows and ponds.

The Bohemian Paradise Protected Landscape Area was declared as the first one within the country in 1955. With an area of 833 km2, the geopark is well beyond this area.

For its extremely valuable natural, geological and landscape values, the Bohemian Paradise Geopark was involved in the European Network of Geoparks in 2005 and, in 2015, it became the only member of the UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks in the Czech Republic.
The UNESCO Global Geopark Bohemian Paradise is managed by the non-profit company Geopark Český ráj o.p.s. The company's mission is to preserve its natural and historical heritage, apply research and science findings, educate the public and create good conditions for ecotourism and sustainable development in partnership with local communities.

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Pro naplňování svého poslání Geopark Český ráj o.p.s. podává řadu grantových žádostí a účastní se některých projektů jako aktivní příjemce či jako partnerská organizace.

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Documents related to the run of the organization.
Information about the area are available under the link Geotourism > Promotional Texts

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Od 17. listopadu 2015 jsou globální geoparky kategorií památek UNESCO.

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