Sychrov - domov princů a princezen

Sychrov Chateau served to film-makers as any other for miles around. Czech as well as foreign film crews filmed here. No wonder, the exteriors and the chambers are beautiful and worth visiting!

Among the most famous foreign films, that were filmed at Sychrov Chateau, belong:

  • The Beautician and the Beast (1997)
  • The Inverse Canon (1999)
  • La Cittadella (2002)
  • The Origins of Evil (2003)
  •  Laughing Watter, Hidalla (2004)
  •  Der Wixxer (2006)
  •  Mise X – Stephenson (2009)
  •  The Ultimate Teenager Twilight Hight Scool Musica (2010)
  •  Rockstar (2010)
  •  Missing (2011)

Come and visit Sychrov Chateau - its beautiful chambers and the well-known park, and enjoy the beautiful fairytale mood of this place!

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