Kozinec Hill

Summit and a lookout tower.

This prominent summit is ranked to the Levín Hill area. It consists of several lava flows and tuff of Permian age. Violet-grey to dark grey andesitoids (melaphyres) can be observed in several outcrops. They are mostly massive, and locally amygdaloidal with chalcedony fills and with delessite in vugs. Au–Ag ore mineralization has been reported from fractures. Findings of flour gold has been also described. The lower part of the hill shows signs of old mining activities, probably dating to medieval times. A lookout tower accessible to the public lies at the summit, providing views of a large part of the Bohemian Paradise, the Krkonoše Mountains and their foothills.


28_Kozinec Nova Paka

28_Kozinec Nova Paka

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