Kozlov Hill

Hill and castle ruins.
Lomnice nad Popelkou.

A number of natural outcrops and cliffs on forested Kozlov Ridge feature three lava flows of Permian basaltandesitoid. The middle and the upper flows show amygdaloidal texture with abundant vugs filled with chalcedony, agates and especially geodes of quartz and its colour varieties. The most frequent is amethyst but smoky quartz, and crystal quartz are also present. Jasper forms tiny veinlets several centimetres in thickness. Famous finding sites of these minerals are mostly located in talus beneath the outcrops. Ruins of a castle lie on a rocky spur; however, only negligible remains of masonry and a shaft have been preserved.


29_Kozlov foto Ludek Antos

29_Kozlov foto Ludek Antos

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