Strážník Hill

Mineralogical site.

This prominent summit near Jilemnice is famous for the occurrence of a rare variety of quartz, so-called star quartz (“hvězdovec”). Cliffs on the northern slope are several metres high, formed by dark grey massive basaltandesites of Permian age with amygdaloidal texture. Amygdaloidal volcanics are also exposed in several small quarries and old trenches in the southeastern part of the summit. Vugs in these rocks contain common quartz varieties but several fractures are filled with blue cherty chalcedony with the star quartz – radially arranged crystals up to several centimetres in size. Fragments of star quartz could be also found in talus on the slopes. The site is, however, exhausted today due to illegal rockhounding; finds of even small fragments of this rare variety are very rare.




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