An extensive, two-level active quarry in the village of Studenec. It can be considered a window to geological history, showing various depositional styles of Permian basic volcanism. It displays superficial lava flows and intrusions, although other forms have been also described: lava flows entering a lake with pillow-lava structures, welded tuffs of Hawaiian-type eruptions, as well as pyroclastics with volcanic bombs and fragments of scoria, glass and volcanic rocks. The site is particularly known for its rich mineralogical finds. Different quartz varieties and calcite are found in the groundmass of pyroclastics and in melaphyre amygdules. Other minerals include pure copper, cuprite, chalcotrichite and chrysocolla, less common are malachite and rare azurite. Vanadium-bearing minerals were also found – vésigniéite and volborthite.




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