Votrubcův Quarry

Radostná pod Kozákovem.

This quarry, whose face is about 40 m high in total, was opened in basic lavas at the boundary between the Vrchlabí and Prosečné Formations. The rock has an amygdaloidal texture, with vugs reaching max. 10 cm in size. They are filled with agate, chalcedony, amethyst, jasper, analcime, chlorite, hematite, calcite etc. These minerals also form veinlets, wedges and lenses in places. Agate and jasper are of precious-stone quality; they were collected at this site as early as in the 14th century. Many of them are displayed as show samples in museum collections: in the National Museum in Prague, in the Treasury of Gem stones in Nová Paka, in the Museum of Turnov and others. The quarry has been, however, inactive for a long time.


61_Votrubcuv lom foto Ludek Antos

61_Votrubcuv lom foto Ludek Antos

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