Podtrosecká valleys

Valleys and marshes.

Channels of the Jordánka and Žehrovka streams west of the Trosky Castle are incised in quartzose sandstones of the Teplice Formation. The valley was formed by headward erosion in the late Pleistocene and its final shaping dates to the Holocene owing to frequent slope movements. In the lower part of the valley, erosion reached down to the level of the clay-dominated footwall of the sandstones. Several stratal springs bound to this level are issued here, being an important source of fresh water. A number of ponds were founded in the valley, constituting – together with the streams themselves – the most extensive complex of marsh biotopes in the territory of the Bohemian Paradise. Very rich biotopes with occurrences of several protected butterfly species, called the “flowering meadows”, lie between the ponds. A peat bog with characteristic plant and animal communities was formed near the Vidlák Pond in the Quaternary. 


41_Podtrosecka udoli foto Ludek Antos

41_Podtrosecka udoli foto Ludek Antos

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