Nová Paka.

A subtle quarry, now inactive, still provides a well preserved rock section. A small body of Neogene basalt, emplaced into upper Carboniferous deposits of the Kumburk Formation, was probably located here in the past. Basalt has been, however, almost completely excavated by now. Quarry faces are formed by coarse-grained pinkish arcoses and conglomerates, with well discernible individual sedimentary bodies and current structures, such as cross-bedding and horizontal stratification. The section also contains several silicified trunks of Paleozoic conifers Agathoxylon, whose finds in the Nová Paka area are famous. Their preservation in the outcrops (in horizontal position after transport) can be only rarely seen elsewhere. Remains of Neogene basalt, which penetrated here and partly metamorphosed the original sediments by its heat, can be found near the bottom of the quarry. This change is well visible at the contact of the two types of rock.


64_Zlamaniny, author: Jan Mertlík


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