The Milohlídka – Čeřovka Lookout Tower


Pod Čeřovkou 992, Jičín, 506 01

The Čeřovka elevation is located in the northern end of the town of Jičín. In 1843, the oldest lookout tower in Bohemian Paradise, Milohlídka, was built on its top.

The lookout tower was built by the regional council governor from Jičín, Hansgirg. The builder was not interested in just building a lookout tower, but in providing work and support to the poor. During the years to follow, the lookout tower was not used very much and it threatened to fall down. Therefore, in the late 19th century, a massive wall was erected to protect the tower.

The lookout tower is 8 metres tall and its lookout gallery can be accessed via 60 stairs. You can get directly below the hill by car and from there hike along the blue hiking trail to the top. Free admission.

April - September Mo - Su 10:00 - 18:00 open

Entrance fee

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