Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit Other facilities: Refreshments Sports facilities: Hire of boats and other equipment, Pitches, Courts, Table tennis, Beach volleyball


Branžež, 294 02

Komárovský, also called Velký Pond, is located in the recreational resort Branžež – Nová Ves.

The pond used to be rather a fishing centre; at present, it is more a recreational area of the western part of Český ráj. The bottom is sand and the access to the water is very good so the place is popular for families with children. The romantic scenery is completed with sandstone rocks and evergreen forests. There are several beaches and a campsite. The surrounding area is good for tourism and cycling.

The pond is located under the Příhrazské Skály on the Kněžmostka River, 6 km to the east from Mnichovo Hradiště; it is a good starting point for trips in the Žehrov forests and rocks.

Area: 53 hectares.

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