Lomnice nad Popelkou Chateau

A Baroque chateau from the 18th century, rebuilt from the Renaissance Valdštejn chateau on the site of a former Gothic fort by the Counts of Morzin.

There are no typical guided tours but occasional exhibitions and a cycle of cultural events called “Léto na zámku” – Summer at the Chateau are held here.

The chateau in Lomnice nad Popelkou was built in the 16th century on the site of the original fort from the 13th century. In the years 1730 – 1737 it underwent Baroque reconstruction and later on other alterations.

It is a single-storey building with three wings whose side wing adjacent to the square is highlighted by a mansard roof and a rather indented Baroque façade. During the years 2009 – 2010 the chateau underwent reconstruction, and in October 2010 was re-opened.

The Municipal library and Culture and information centre of the town of Lomnice nad Popelkou resides in the building and is at the same time its administrator.

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