Church and Chapel of St. Michael, Bulovka

Sacrial Monuments: Church


Bulovka, 464 01

The small Church of St. Archangel Michael was rebuilt several times until it gained its current, very picturesque, form. A head of a medieval dwarf, probably a remnant of a gravestone, is walled in at the entrance.

The stone appearance of the church was created in 1720-1724 during a reconstruction and the profuse tower was added in 1738. The tower was equipped in 1800 with a clock and in 1909 a new tower clock was obtained thanks to a public collection. The pride of the church is the original large bell located in the tower. Unfortunately, the medium and small bell were melted down to make cannons during times of war.

At the Bulovka cemetery there is a large stone cross that was consecrated on October 4, 1886. The little chapel along the road was recently reconstructed.

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