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Harrachov is a major holiday resort in Krkonoše. It is located in the western fridge of the Krkonoše, at the border with Poland.

The original village named Dörfl was founded in the 17th century and at the beginning of the 18th century it was renamed as Harrachov after the owners of the manor. Present-day Harrachov is a merger of three independent settlements: Nový Svět, Rýžoviště and Harrachov.

At the beginning of the 18th century a glass foundry was set up in Harrachov, which belonged to the Harrach family. Glass from the glass foundry became famous all over the world. A tradition of hand-made blown, cut, engraved and painted glass was established there. Rýžoviště ranks among the oldest villages in Krkonoše; in the past it was famous for mining of ore.

Nowadays Harrachov is a popular tourist and sports destination; it is an ideal place for spending an active holiday. In summer it attracts hikers, mountain bike cyclists and lovers of other sports; there is also a golf course. In winter Harrachov is a ski resort offering excellent conditions for both downhill and cross-country skiing. You will find the well-known ski-jump centre there where world cup races are held regularly.

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