Mirova pod Kozakovem

Rohliny, 511 01

The northern tip of the Klokočské Skály hides the Postojná, the largest pseudo-karst cave in the region of Turnov.

The Betlémské Skály Rocks are situated at the edge of the platform between the Jizera River and the Klokočský Potok. The best-known places in the Betlémské Skály are the formations of the Trojnožka and the Děravec - a mushroom-like rock with two rock gates. A spectacular view in the surroundings is offered by a 10 - metre - high rock named Zdenčina Skála, situated at the northeastern side of the rocks. Above the valley of the Klokočský Potok, you can identify round rock outcrops, called elephant's backs.

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