Pelíšek - a former public swimming pool

Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit


Prachov, 506 01

This former public swimming pool lies in the heart of the Prachovské skály Rocks, surrounded by dense forests.

According to legend, Pelíšek (Beddy) is a mythical guardian and protector of the Prachovské skály Rocks. He is said to have lived in the local forests where he grew herbs donated to him by Rübezahl (or Krakonoš in Czech) and cooked medicinal infusions from them. A public swimming pool, located about 0.5 km from the tourist chalet in the heart of the Prachovské skály Rocks, is named after Pelíšek. The swimming pool is surrounded by dense forests and can be reached via the red and green marked hiking trails. The swimming pool is supplied from the local brook that springs in the nearby rocks. Because of its location in the middle of forests and rocks, the water is rather cold, even in hot summers.

The swimming pool is guarded by Pelíšek, whose sculpture was made in 1939 according to a design by Ladislav Horák.

Today, the former Pelíšek swimming pool is classified as an artificial water reservoir. Enter at your own risk.

The nearest parking lot, refreshments and restrooms are located in the tourist chalet.


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