The Chamber of Trade and Commerce/The Liberec Clinic

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Masarykova 9 / 699, Liberec, 460 01

The building of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce is located in front of the Regional Gallery in Liberec.

The new representative building of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce was built in the years 1899-1900 based on the project of architects Franz Brantzky and Martin Remges of Cologne.  The construction of the building in a historicising style embellished by Art Nouveau elements was realised by the company of Gustav and Ferdinand Miksch. In the 1930s the construction of the side of the building from the Gorky street was completed in accordance with its original architectural design. Today, it is the seat of private doctors' offices and various companies. Johann Liebieg, Sr. was one of the initiators of the founding of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Liberec and also became its first president in 1851. In the 1860s Johann Liebieg Jr represented the Chamber in the provincial council, and Theodor Liebieg Jr again held the office of its president and was also a leading figure of the society Liberecké trhy, which organised industrial exhibitions as of 1920.

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