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Zebín, author: Jan Mertlík

The territory of the Geopark repeatedly became the site of intensive volcanic activity in various geological periods. The most significant stages of volcanism date to the late Paleozoic and Cenozoic. However, magmatic rocks from even older periods can be also found here.
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Prachovské skály, author: Luděk Antoš

Sedimentary rocks cover a large proportion of the Geopark territory. They locally reach notable thicknesses, are of various characters and ages, host interesting and scientifically valuable fossil record, and pose an important source of minerals including water. Besides, weathering of sedimentary rocks generates a number of features attractive for geotourists.
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Mineralogical wealth of the Geopark is associated primarily with magmatic rocks, either Paleozoic melaphyres, or Cenozoic basalts. Since very early times, people have been collecting and processing agates and other quartz varieties, mining pyropes, iron ores or gold. Mineralizing fluids should be also credited for the preservation of some fossils.

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Owing to several periods with favourable conditions for sediment deposition and fossilization of plant and animal remains, the Geopark boasts of high numbers of fossils in its territory. Fossils preserved in metamorphic rocks of Lower Paleozoic age are unique in global scale, although many others are of scientific importance, too.

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Kamenice - Tobogán, author: Jan Mertlík

Water has always been a significant geological agent perpetually affecting the surface of our planet. It markedly contributes to chemical and mechanical weathering of minerals and rocks, their transport to other locations, and finally to their re-deposition in the form of sedimentary rocks. The activity of water is also responsible for the origin of many geotouristically attractive sites, such as caves and rock cities.

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Bozkovské - krápníky, author: Jan Mertlík

The Geopark territory does not count to renowned karst areas, which are usually famous for cave occurrences. Still, it features a number of various underground spaces of different sizes and modes of origin. Some of them are also archeologically significant and unique for the whole Czech Republic.

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