Zebín, author: Jan Mertlík

The territory of the Geopark repeatedly became the site of intensive volcanic activity in various geological periods. The most significant stages of volcanism date to the late Paleozoic and Cenozoic. However, magmatic rocks from even older periods can be also found here.


The oldest volcanic activity in the Geopark territory preceded the Paleozoic Era, being dated to the very end of the Precambrian. Granite and diorite were emplaced in the upper crust during the Cadomian Orogeny, constituting relatively extensive bodies. 

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Another major stage of volcanic activity, related to the Alpine Orogeny, took place in the Geopark territory in the Cenozoic, especially in the Neogene. In spite of the rather indirect effect of this orogeny on the Geopark territory, basaltic magma often penetrated to this area through a series of grabens in the crust associated with the so-called Ohře Rift (now following the Ohře River valley).


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