Support of research is ranked among the main objectives of geoparks. The society of Geopark Český ráj o.p.s. is not a research institution by itself, but it collaborates with the respective institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Geological Survey, universities and other institutions.

Owing to the establishment of the Bohemian Paradise Geopark, project “European Geopark UNESCO Český ráj – the creation of geo-information system for the development of region and the protection of geological heritage” was conducted in 2008–2010. It was followed by printing of geological maps and accompanying explanatory texts in 2011–2012. Furthermore, the Czech Geological Survey started the project “Recalculation of Groundwater Reserves” in 2010, which was directly related to the Geopark territory. Other projects include the rockfall database in sandstone areas, which is also supplied by data from the Geopark area. Studies on karst phenomena in the Jizera Formation and on weathering processes in quartzose sandstones are in progress.
Continued is the research of late Paleozoic silicified stems from the Nová Paka area. Silicified stems with stromatolitic structures from the Tatobity area, stems of seed-ferns from the Nová Paka area, and sedimentology of the Štikov Arkoses are currently studied in collaboration with German colleagues from the Natural History Museum in Chemnitz. The research is conducted under the auspices of the Municipal Museum Nová Paka.

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